Without Within 2 free Download full Game

Without Within 2 free Download full Game

Vinty is attending a calligraphy event over in Melbourne. At last, she will be able to meet Excelia, the world famous calligrapher. Determined to study and mimic her idol’s every move, will Vinty end up losing her identity?

Vinty is back in this sequel to Without Within! WOWI2 is roughly 20,000 words long, which is about five times the length of the original. Throughout the read, players will find links to YouTube videos that feature various footage of Melbourne (currently blocked by Steam on Linux versions, which I apologize for). Hopefully players will like these optional videos as much as I enjoyed filming them. Last, rather than putting in contrived choices like I did with the first game, WOWI2 is a linear story (kinetic novel). I hope to be able to tell a more focused tale this time around.

Without Within 2 download full version Without Within 2 free download for pc full version


Without Within 2 Full Game Download

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