Time of Dragons Trainer free Download

Time of Dragons Trainer free Download

This is an MMO shooter where you ride dragons armed with missiles and lasers! The plot of the game unfolds in an imaginary universe, where two highly advanced races, Neils and Atlans, fight against each other.

free trainer for Time of Dragons

Their battle units are gigantic flying creatures controlled by adopiants, their riders.

download Time of Dragons trainer Time of Dragons trainer for free

The game offers the following:
– Multiple creatures with unique capabilities
– A wide selection of weapons
– Various combat modes
– Freedom and beauty of dragon flights
– Battles against players from all over the world!

Take your dragon into the sky and prove that you are the best!

As developers, we love our game with all our heart and will continuously develop it, ensuring updates every two weeks. Join our community to keep track! It’s gonna be fun!


Time of Dragons Trainer free DownloadFREE Download



  1. Click on “Download” button.
  2. Download Time of Dragons Trainer and Install.
  3. When install is complete run Trainer
  4. Run Game.
  5. ENJOY


 Watch Time of Dragons Trainer Tutorial

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