The Fall of Gods [PC] free Download

The Fall of Gods [PC] free Download

Old-school Indie A-RPG Gold awarded played than more than 75’000 gamers The Fall of Gods is a Zelda like game, inspired by Action-RPG you used to play on 16-bit console. If you like to defeat dungeons, collect & swap items, fight with different weapons, cast spells, wear armors, rafting, hidden spots, puzzles, drive balloon, brew potions, side-quests, fairy fountains, a sense of irony, and of course, if you like to save the World ?
Then you will like The Fall of Gods

The Fall of Gods full game

Made with XNA-Geex Engine The Fall of Gods is an action-rpg in a vast world where the gods are no more. Magic was gone during their fall, and everything was left except a prophecy :  “From the Light shall rise the Darkness, from the Darkness shall rise the Light”.

The Fall of Gods free steam The Fall of Gods walkthrough

Since then, every 16 years old boy challenges themselves in the Sanctuary, as it’s said Magic will be back with the One who would defeat the Beast in the Sanctuary. Your hero will take part in the prophecy and found the true meaning of the Fall of Gods, the story about the Genesis of the World, and perhaps, more about his lost mother.

The Fall of Gods is a pure traditional indie old-school action-rpg, where you will revive your favorite 16bit titles, but with more magic, and top orchestral musics.


The Fall of Gods Full Game DownloadFREE Download



  1. Click on “Download” button.
  2. Download The Fall of Gods and Install.
  3. When install is complete run the game.
  4. ENJOY


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