If My Heart Had Wings [PC] free Download

If My Heart Had Wings [PC] free Download

This game is an animated visual novel based on a youthful, dream filled high school life story.  The story of the game is set in Kazegaura, a suburb in Japan, just outside of Tokyo.  The main characters in this story are students at the “Keifu Academy”, a technical school, also known as a “specialized vocational high school”.

If My Heart Had Wings full game

The protagonist of the game, Aoi Minase, is a young boy who lost his dream in a bicycle racing accident and subsequently returns to his hometown. There, he meets Kotori Habane, a young girl stuck with a wheelchair with a flat tire, on a hill with windmills.  They then spot large, white wings traversing the sky over the hills- a glider. Both had yet to realize that everything would begin from this.  Working together with Aoi’s childhood friend Ageha Himegi, they begin rebuilding the Soaring Club, which was just about to be disbanded.

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In order to realise the dream everyone has as a child- “I want to soar up to the great sky and fly”, these beginners take hold of their passion, overcoming failures and obstacles from the school to put their all into building a glider.  They strive to fly through the “morning glory”, a special weather phenomenon that enables a special type of roll-shaped cloud that appears in the morning when the conditions are just right.

This game portrays the player as Aoi, the protagonist, and brings the player through the feat of building the glider that will realise their dreams, while bonding with the female characters.


If My Heart Had Wings Full Game DownloadFREE Download



  1. Click on “Download” button.
  2. Download If My Heart Had Wings and Install.
  3. When install is complete run the game.
  4. ENJOY


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