Far Cry Primal Coming Out 1 Mar, 2016

Far Cry Primal Coming Out 1 Mar, 2016

As the name suggests, Far Cry Primal is the first in Ubisoft’s open-world sandbox series to be set in the Stone Age. It takes the premise of Far Cry – being a character that is at the edge of a beautiful, lawless and savage frontier – and takes it right back to the very first human struggles. It’s 10,000 BC. It’s a time when woolly mammoths and sabre-tooth tigers roamed the earth. And humans aren’t at the top of the food chain.

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Far Cry Primal drops you into the land known as Oros, and to begin with, there’s just one goal: “survive in a world where humans are the prey”. And Oros is as beautiful as it is savage. Unspoilt by advanced human civilisation and particularly cars, it instinctively feels like you’ve wandered into the past.

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Just taking time to listen to the world around you really pays off in Far Cry Primal. Sounds of predators and their prey fills the air: the calls of birds; deep, warning purrs of big cats; and strange barks of deer make up the soundscape. Even in this alpha gameplay, I’m totally immersed as I stand among the tall trees listening.

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And the pre-historic feel is taken further in the details of Far Cry Primal. For example, instead of kilometres or miles to a destination you’ve marked on the map, the distance is measured in footsteps.

The award-winning Far Cry franchise that stormed the tropics and the Himalayas now enters the original fight for humanity’s survival with its innovative open-world sandbox gameplay, bringing together massive beasts, breathtaking environments, and unpredictable savage encounters.

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Welcome to the Stone Age, a time of extreme danger and limitless adventure, when giant mammoths and sabretooth tigers ruled the Earth and humanity is at the bottom of the food chain. As the last survivor of your hunting group, you will learn to craft a deadly arsenal, fend off fierce predators, and outsmart enemy tribes to conquer the land of Oros and become the Apex Predator.

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  • STONE AGE BY FAR CRY: The rich setting of the Stone Age provides a new setting filled with unpredictable mayhem, dangerous threats, and incredible stories that Far Cry is known for.
  • RISE ABOVE EXTINCTION: Play as Takkar, a seasoned hunter and the last surviving member of your group. There is one goal: survive in a world where you are the prey.
  • FIERCE WILDLIFE AND SAVAGE AND MAJESTIC WORLD: This is earth before man laid claim to it, where deadly sabretooth tigers ruled the world, giant woolly mammoths were kings, and herds of massive Elk stormed through the plains. Discover these and many more daunting creatures in the savage open-world of Oros within the towering redwood forests, harsh taiga, cold glacial mountains and humid swamps.


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  1. Jerry Allgood says:

    What weapons will be available in this game? I see a .45 cal type pistol in the preview

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